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What is American Hostels?

Our goal is to make sure you make the most of your travels in the United States. We want you to have the most fun, in hostels that are clean and safe, that will help you stretch your travel dollar further. As a small team of America's highest rated hostels, look no further. We are so excited to show you our hostels, our cities, and our country!

Make yourself at home

SAFE and clean, and fun

You don't have to spend more to get more. Our hostels offer you all the amenities, security, and cleanliness that you need for a comfortable stay. In addition, they're a great place to meet other travelers and make memories that will last forever.

Spend less on your bed

more $ for experiences

You didn't travel so far just to spend all your money on a hotel room! American Hostels help you stretch your travel budget further. Book a bunk and spend your savings on some craft beer. Get a private room and still have money left for tickets to a show

Only the best

stop clicking around

Planning a trip can be stressful. There are so many options to consider, so many reviews to read, and so many prices to compare. American Hostels only works with top-rated options in each city and we guarantee the lowest price when you book.

     I didn't realize the US had such great hostels     

I've stayed in hostels overseas when I went backpacking in Europe or studying abroad in Australia. I didn't realize the US had such great hostels too. The four of us had a dorm room to ourselves.  It was much more affordable than an Airbnb or a hotel. Plus, we got to hang out with everyone else from the hostel at the nightly events. So much fun!! I'm going to look for American Hostels from now on."

Anna, 25, Detroit

Mythbusters: American Hostel Edition

myth busted

Hostels sometimes get a bad rep. Whether it's from the movies or your Aunt's story of staying at a hostel in the seventies, it's time to expose the real truth behind hosteling in the United States!

Myth: Hostels are full of creepy weirdos who might steal your stuff

Reality: Hostels are full of interesting travelers, mostly young people, who want to explore the world just like you. But, for your peace of mind, our hostels offer lockers for you to secure your valuables. They also offer female-only dorms.

apple hostel

Myth: Hostels are dirty, old, and cramped

Reality: Our hostels are squeaky clean and comfortable. The staff are vigilant, checking at least twice a day to make sure you have a comfortable stay. 

Myth: Hostels are only for people on a small budget

Reality: Hostels are only for people who want to have fun! If you're on a year-long backpacking trip we have places that will fit your budget. Prefer a cushy private room with luxury linens, your own rainfall shower, and a cocktail bar in the lobby? We've got those too!

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